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Soul Leadership

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I have a totally new understanding of who I am. I HAVE THE POWER TO CHANGE MY LIFE, and the knowledge that I am supported by love to make these changes! I am ready to move forward from a trust in my own light and power. — Roko Ona, M.D. ~ Tokyo
It was like the dam broke, and everything came out to be healed. I felt totally revealed and safe in the nurturing space you created. We went so deep, and yet it was so easy. Thank you. — Shela Tarwater, Paralegal ~ Florida
I was guided towards profound insights that have shifted both my understanding of myself and my way of being on this planet. — Justin Caruso, Yoga Teacher ~ NYC
I am claiming and remembering my power. I am remembering to listen for my inner guidance. I am remembering the language of my heart. I have ALL the power within me NOW. I remember I am the ONE I had been waiting for. I carry this message with me every day! — Meghan Dwyer, Raw Food Chef ~ Sedona
Atasiea ~ Los Angeles, California

Atasiea - ‘Oneness’ (a.k.a. Kenneth Lawrence Ferguson) [Ah-tah-see-ay] is a certified Dancing Freedom Facilitator, Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Instructor, Reiki Master, Minister, Energy & Bodyworker, Professional Actor, Dancer, and Martial Artist. He is the Co-producer, resident Dancing Freedom facilitator, and Yoga instructor of Ecstatic Dance Los Angeles – a freeform dance event with yoga, massage, live Djs, and sound healing.

He resides in Echo Park Los Angeles, where he runs ‘Angelic Presence Healing Practice’- doing massage, energy work, and private yoga instruction. As an intuitive healer he provides, physical, emotional, and psycho-spiritual support to all people through bodywork, Reiki, sound healing, channeling, and ceremonial facilitation.

He is available to facilitate private, or group classes, workshops, healing sessions, and instruction at community events, festivals, studio classes, homes, and retreats. To contact him for more information about his services, and availability please email: atasiea(at) or call (510) 423-1843.

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