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Soul Leadership

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I am claiming and remembering my power. I am remembering to listen for my inner guidance. I am remembering the language of my heart. I have ALL the power within me NOW. I remember I am the ONE I had been waiting for. I carry this message with me every day! — Meghan Dwyer, Raw Food Chef ~ Sedona
It was like the dam broke, and everything came out to be healed. I felt totally revealed and safe in the nurturing space you created. We went so deep, and yet it was so easy. Thank you. — Shela Tarwater, Paralegal ~ Florida
I was guided towards profound insights that have shifted both my understanding of myself and my way of being on this planet. — Justin Caruso, Yoga Teacher ~ NYC
I have a totally new understanding of who I am. I HAVE THE POWER TO CHANGE MY LIFE, and the knowledge that I am supported by love to make these changes! I am ready to move forward from a trust in my own light and power. — Roko Ona, M.D. ~ Tokyo

Global Facilitation Team

Alicia is deeply committed to bringing together her passion for dance, nature and social change. Trained both classically when young and on festival dancefloors later, dance has always been one of her most precious medicines. An artist and performer, Alicia loves to explore the places where music and movement meet to entice out and play with our deepest selves. Her passion for nature led her to study a PhD in Applied Environmental Science and be active in environmental grassroots, and she dreams to use dance ceremony as another tool for environmental and social change. You will see her both in New Zealand and Europe, co-creating sacred dance spaces, where there is safety to explore ourselves in our authenticity and dive deep down into remembering our roots.

Michelle’s mix of soul play, dance priestess, and curiosity maven blends together in her facilitator work with Dancing Freedom. Her mission is to create a safe space that is committed to our embodied liberation as we dance in the matrix of our light and shadow ~ creating our lives and our world to thrive.

Her background includes Dancing Freedom, all kinds of other dance training, acting in theater, film and television, Reiki levels I and II, priestess initiation, as well as producing.

Caitlin is an embodied leader of creative freedom – an artist, art therapist and Dancing Freedom facilitator. As an earth guardian committed to regenerating our relationship with land and culture, she holds a vision for the sacredness of everyday life. Her offerings create space for deep listening woven with tools and practices that empower each to find their unique voice and freedom for the greater good of all.
Caitlin Wood
Monthly Dancing Freedom classes in Sydney and more – for dates check my website or go to Dancing Freedom Inner West on Facebook:

Sophie has had a lifelong passion to dance, without realising it at the time, aged six years old, music, the speakers in her family’s front room and hours of dancing were her solace to an unsettled family life. She found gold on the psychedelic floors of the UK trance scene in the late nineties- seeing the light beyond her patterns of behaving and relating in order to survive. An amazing opportunity to realise her creativity lies in her body wisdom and intuition. With dedicated and disciplined practices of yoga and 5Rhythms from the start of the Millennium, Sophie continues to embody the colourful spectrum of her early life experiences as full time yoga teacher and Dancing Freedom facilitator in England.

Conscious dance practices and yoga, have helped Sophie to realise there is an inner strength found in human vulnerability, in being open to life and being guided by love – just as children are! Her inspiration for life and dancing comes from the gratitude for all that has been hard to bear – grievances, parental divorce and alcoholism – the feelings of loneliness and separation transmuted over time into empathy, compassion and connection.

Sophie is known to create a safe container to playfully challenge the comfort zones of those willing to engage, allowing the ‘small being’ to feel safe and free within the ‘adult being’, to let go, express themselves and be in the moment.
Working as a yoga therapist for children with special needs, Sophie’s calling is to empower families- parents and children (especially single parents), yoga teachers and care workers to use dance as a way to follow their curiosity, child-like wonder, deep focus and above all humour.

Sophie can be found in the Bristol and Bath area of SW England. She currently holds Dancing Freedom sessions in Marshfield, Frome and Bristol. She’s also a yoga teacher for adults, young women and children with special needs. Get in touch with her via email…[email protected] or visit for more details.

“To heal thyself, is to heal the world.” – Anonymous

I am an advocate of well-being, empowerment, and utilizing the nature of the human condition as a teacher. I am passionate about developing and sustaining empowerment and co-creation to create transformation in community. I believe that there are endless and creative avenues to healing.

I received my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Human Services from Davis and Elkins College, a small liberal arts school located in Elkins, WV; and my Master’s in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology from Naropa University, a Buddhist influenced university located in Boulder, CO. I have almost a decade of experience working with diverse populations and in various therapeutic settings.

I choose to incorporate several of my personal passions into my profession and believe that others can find well-being in their own. I have immense gratitude for the impact that a relationship with nature and outdoor recreation has had on my soul’s journey. The deep appreciation for dance and movement, the creative arts, and music has been essential in my own healing. Along with these passions I believe that mindful attention to every day tasks can aid in healing an individual.

Serra is a powerful force on and off the dance floor, discovering dance as gateway into deep self-inquiry and full self-expression through the thriving Ecstatic Dance community in Melbourne, Australia. With a passion for outdoor dance festivals, Serra has spent 100’s of hours stomping her intentions into the earth and diving deep through the powerful ritual of dance.

Serra is wild at heart, free spirited, unbridled, deeply sensitive, sensual and passionate. A sacred sexuality practitioner, relaxation massage therapist, and a current student studying a Bachelor of Applied Science, she has always been one to follow her passions wherever they may take her. A performer of dance, a costume designer and performance poet, Serra has featured as a roving artist at a number of festivals and events throughout Australia.

Her mission is to be a part of a global community where full permission is granted to be fully self expressed, using movement as a vehicle for liberation and embodied awakening and an opportunity to remember who we really are.

“Teach me how to love.”
“Teach me, Great Mother, how to be your daughter.”
These are the prayers I keep coming back to, again, and again, and again. These are the prayers that have shaped my life. Through my work as a Dancing Freedom Facilitator, Yoga Instructor, and Storyteller, my intention is to embody these prayers in ways that benefit my community, both locally and as a great whole. I live on a sailboat in the Georgia Straight, spending my time between the city, forest and open water. Please contact me at [email protected] if you’d like to come and share the dance with me. I would love to dance, work, play, pray, create, and be with you!
Brian’sdancing background started with taking lots of psychedelics and dancing at all the outdoor trance parties in the late 90’s and early nineties. At the same time he dove deep into yoga, and in 2003 he spent a year in India studying a post-grad diploma in yogic studies. Returning to cape town, he discovered  5-Rythms and realized that dance was the medicine. This became a major practice which led him to his Dancing Freedom training in Bali in 2013. He has been teaching Dancing Freedom in Cape Town since then.

He is a passionate DJ who really gets off on crafting playlists that lead his dancers deep into trance. Along with the dance, he runs an non-profit called SevaUnite, bringing yoga and mindfulness training to prisoners in South Africa, and works part-time as a welfare vet to small four legged creatures in Kayalitsha (a township just outside Cape Town). He dances in all of these roles.  Every Tuesday he alternates Dancing Freedom with his friend Clive, who teaches Movement Medicine. They call themselves Muti-Tribe.

Contact him here:

Alicia is a dancer and facilitator who frequently combines the two to share experiences of transformation, connection, and authenticity. She is passionate about human connection and completely believes that our capacity for connection is directly proportional to our ability to change the world for the better. Alicia is a Dancing Freedom Facilitator, life-long dancer, and works with empathy and non-violent communication in her community life, mediation, and personal relationships. She currently lives with 10 of the loves of her life in a community home called The Light House in Vancouver where she is loved-up and consistently inspired. For more information send her an e-mail at alicia(at)

Lindsey Uluwehimailani Morriss ignites embodied awakening and effective group collaboration focused on evolving our selves and our world for greater purpose, harmony and connection. As a passionate Dancing Freedom™ facilitator, Lindsey catalyzes change through conscious dance as a path of liberation, self-expression and soul integration. Lindsey believes that the body holds memories of joy, pain, and sorrow that can be celebrated, expressed and healed in the sacred and protected space of embodied dance. She is the creator of BirthDance 2012, a cosmic movement, meditation and dance event honoring our birth as a collective humanity. Lindsey has co-produced multiple embodied dance events, worldwide conscious flashmobs, rituals and regenerative culture conferences and has lead groups on emergence meditation, conscious evolution and connecting with nature throughout the Bay Area and Hawaii. As the founder of Spirit Path Healing, Lindsey assists individuals in awakening their greatest potential through intuitive insights and energetic balancing.


Atasiea - ‘Oneness’ (a.k.a. Kenneth Lawrence Ferguson) [Ah-tah-see-ay] is a certified Dancing Freedom Facilitator, Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Instructor, Reiki Master, Minister, Energy & Bodyworker, Professional Actor, Dancer, and Martial Artist. He is the Co-producer, resident Dancing Freedom facilitator, and Yoga instructor of Ecstatic Dance Los Angeles – a freeform dance event with yoga, massage, live Djs, and sound healing.

He resides in Echo Park Los Angeles, where he runs ‘Angelic Presence Healing Practice’- doing massage, energy work, and private yoga instruction. As an intuitive healer he provides, physical, emotional, and psycho-spiritual support to all people through bodywork, Reiki, sound healing, channeling, and ceremonial facilitation.

He is available to facilitate private, or group classes, workshops, healing sessions, and instruction at community events, festivals, studio classes, homes, and retreats. To contact him for more information about his services, and availability please email: atasiea(at) or call (510) 423-1843.

Sarah Bullock is a deep lover of the dance and all it brings when we give ourselves permission to surrender to the breath, the beat, the deep call of our own body wisdom.  Sarah brings a deep understanding of our bodies are our greatest teachers, our guides and friends.  She is a weaver of the rhythms of life through movement, breath and embodied awareness. Sarah’s classes are a nourishing, fun and inspiring place where you are invited to simply show up, be curious and see what happens as we explore our inner landscapes, surrendering to our own authentic way of moving.



Sarah currently leads monthly Women’s Full Moon Dances and a weekly SOULbeat dance class Sunday mornings. 
For more info check out her website:

LeeAnn Mallorie, founder and CEO of Living in Motion, is a dynamic facilitator of conversation, movement and culture change. In addition to holding Dancing Freedom classes, her passion is teaching embodiment practices to corporate leaders and teams who want to flourish. A dancer since youth, LeeAnn believes that lasting change starts in a leader’s physical body, and has inevitable ripple effects in the organizations they serve.


LeeAnn began her journey to blend movement and leadership training in 1997 at the University of Michigan, where she facilitated intercultural leadership dialogs for underclass students, and served as a featured baton twirler at the last National Championship Rose Bowl. LeeAnn now draws on over 10 years of leadership training and executive coaching experience, plus a lifetime of study in the areas dance, martial arts, voice and somatics. She is trained by the Strozzi Institute school of Embodied Leadership and the Penn Masters of Applied Positive Psychology Program. LeeAnn currently teaches Dancing Freedom on Wednesday nights in Philadelphia. Details at:


Teresa is a Certified Dancing Freedom Facilitator & a unifying force in the local Conscious Dance community. She has been offering Dancing Freedom in the Twin Cities since 2012 and is dedicated to sharing the transformative power of movement medicine, making it accessible to all.

Her work merges mindfulness centered in the body, elemental alchemy, spiritual inquiry, and an inherent desire for healing & wholeness, awakening & liberation.

Her offerings support vulnerability, strengthen integrative awareness, inspire healing on all levels, and encourage living with consciousness.  She is an inspirational and nurturing facilitator known for creating safe and supportive spaces that are inclusive, grounded and transformative.  She serves through loving presence, authenticity, gentleness and grace.

Teresa is a lifelong learner, certified yoga instructor and massage therapist, student of somatic & body wisdom, & a newly initiated priestess. She currently offers ongoing classes in St. Paul & Minneapolis. To join the growing dance community in Minnesota, email [email protected].


Mark experienced the freedom and connection of dance as a teenager, sneaking out of his parents house to catch the burgeoning rave scene of NYC in the early 90′s. Those ecstatic nights of finding freedom through music and dance inspired an inquiry into the potential of dance as a path to freedom. This also led him to take up DJ’ing and through the grace of God he got to experience the power of facilitating dance in the club scene at that time. The promise of that inquiry and those times has again caught fire in his heart with the discovery of Dancing Freedom. Through Dancing Freedom Mark bridges, fuses and blends a variety of his loves; music, liberation, ceremony, prayer and the power of a safe space. Mark invites you to join him in an elemental celebration of discovery, liberation and above all else lest we forget a sweaty body rocking good time dancing!

Contact Mark at markdaquila(at)yahoo(dot)com

Jia love is a Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Dancing Freedom Facilitator, and Founder of both The Goddess Temple Middletown and Om Super Food. She loves meditating on her love life and self on the dance floor. She lives in Middletown, CA and shares her work at Harbin Hot Springs. For more info about Jia Love’s classes & workshops coming up, please contact her by email omlovecommunication(at)

Virginia (Earthy) Beaudry is from the Feather River Canyon area, tucked along Concow Lake. She creates most of her clothes by recreating new ones out of old ones– which is also her business: making shoes, dance slippers, and 4 different types of street shoes (meaning they have a sole) all custom to your feet.  She is an EFT guide, Tarot Card reader, Reiki Master, has taught aerobics, and is a yearlong training for Shaman Healing work.

“I love movement and dropping within my self to see what is there and how I can love on myself even more. Dance brings this to me in a deep way. I have been leading Dancing Freedom for 2 yrs now and love every class and our little dance tribe. I believe my life is a quest and everything out there that is best for my highest good. I want to meet it and look it squarely in the face, and love myself first through all things. I believe that if I learn to look at myself with love and compassion, I can turn around and look into anyones eyes with the same love and compassion.” ~Earthy

Earthy teaches Dancing Freedom in Chico on Saturdays at the Subud Hall 3:00-5:00pm.
When Earthy is not out enjoying her organic garden or hiking with her two dogs, she gathered herbs for the many teas and healing potions that come to life in her kitchen. Contact Earthy at vbeaudry(at)localnet(dot)com.

Eden Trenor is a Certified Dancing Freedom Facilitator living in the coastal milds and wilds of West Marin, California. She bridges languages and cultures with movement, words and food, serving her community as the founder of The Big Yes! Ecstatic Dance West Marin, a Spanish/English interpreter, co-facilitator of a weekly talking circle with inmates at San Quentin prison and professional food fermenter.  Her dance practice is a method of growing intimacy with herself and her community as well as a healing language that teaches her about Life.  Join her at Ecstatic Dance West Marin or email her at [email protected] to find out about upcoming Dancing Freedom Classes.

Magalie Bonneau-Marcil is a healer, a dancing freedom facilitator and a spiritual activist. Magalie is an emerging leader in the conscious dance scene in California as she’s bridging dance as medicine and activism. Magalie is devoted to support the rise of embodied consciousness. Through dancing freedom ceremonies she invites everyone to remember who we are and renew our connection to mother Earth and each other.

In 2011, she founded, an initiative focused on producing interactive transformative dances and large scale rituals for social transformationa. Her engagement in leveraging the power of dance in the Occupy Movement made the front page of the Conscious Dancer Magazine and Positive News US. Magalie has been facilitating dancing freedom journeys at major festivals in the US and Europe since 2011.

Lotus Sattva offers Dancing Freedom inspired embodiment practices as a part of “Grounded Muse”, a dynamic coaching and development firm she runs in Boulder, CO. Lotus uses Dancing Freedom to help her clients channel vision and clear blocks – facilitating the actualization of their individual and collective potential. Contact[email protected] for upcoming offerings and to schedule an individual or group session to liberate your highest potential through the power of dance!