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Soul Leadership

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I have a totally new understanding of who I am. I HAVE THE POWER TO CHANGE MY LIFE, and the knowledge that I am supported by love to make these changes! I am ready to move forward from a trust in my own light and power. — Roko Ona, M.D. ~ Tokyo
I am claiming and remembering my power. I am remembering to listen for my inner guidance. I am remembering the language of my heart. I have ALL the power within me NOW. I remember I am the ONE I had been waiting for. I carry this message with me every day! — Meghan Dwyer, Raw Food Chef ~ Sedona
I was guided towards profound insights that have shifted both my understanding of myself and my way of being on this planet. — Justin Caruso, Yoga Teacher ~ NYC
It was like the dam broke, and everything came out to be healed. I felt totally revealed and safe in the nurturing space you created. We went so deep, and yet it was so easy. Thank you. — Shela Tarwater, Paralegal ~ Florida

What are you doing tonight? 

Why not give yourself the gift of Dancing Freedom? 

Open classes are a friendly place where you can feel safe, set down your guard, move your body, sweat, check in with yourself, make new friends and have fun – all at the same time.  Free form dance is just about the coolest spiritual practice on the block.  Humans have been doing it since before recorded history.  Now, we are reclaiming it for our own health and evolution.  Join us!


San Francisco Bay Area


Dancing Freedom™ with Chen and Kanna

Dancing Freedom™ is movement as medicine. It is a sacred shamanic practice and sanctuary for community to sweat, pray, play, and celebrate together through the medicines of movement, music, mindfulness and conscious communication. Through the body, we invite you to live in alignment with life, nature, your feelings and emotions, your soul, your community, All of Your Relations and Source.

All classes are $10-$20 sliding scale.
Classes will be held at the Dance Mansion, 523 Spruce Street, Berkeley CA 94707

Find us on Facebook here.


Dancing Without Borders
with Magalie Bonneau-Marcil 

You are invited to dance your prayers as we continue building momentum from the 1 Billion Rising movement. Together, we’ll be exploring how we can engage the dance with the feminine and the masculine energies in ways that’s healing and enlivening.

Get more info here.




Summer Dancing Freedom
with Teresa Reid

Saturdays 7-9pm



Melbourne, Australia

Dancing Freedom
with Rich and Lydia

Bi-weekly (fortnightly) • 7:30pm 2nd and 4th Fridays of every month • Dance of Life

250 George Street, Fitzroy
Melbourne, Australia
Cost is $20
We are here to foster, nurture and build community through conscious dance, sacred ritual and great music!  Each class is devoted to a particular theme that is in resonance with the group field and is held as a dance ceremony to honour the power of dance as a medicine. We engage our participants through our intuitive facilitation and the dynamic world class electronic beats and deep bass music that is hand selected for each journey. We ask people to show up several minutes early to settle in so that we may begin promptly at 7:30.  People can find out specific journey dates, more about us and the offerings we share across Australia and the US by going to our website at , contacting us personally at hikarijin(at) or joining our Facebook group- Dancing Freedom Australia.
Vancouver, BC

Dancing Freedom // The Power of Vulnerability 

with Alicia and/or Candace Froebe

Thursdays from 8-10pm at 1046 E 21st ave Vancouver BC.

Find us on Facebook here.

Free your body • Open your heart • Empower expression • Meet your soul!

Each week’s focus for the journey is different.  We work with topics like “embracing and healing fear”, “embodies abundance”, “unconditional love”, “forgiveness” and “living in the flow.”  Each of our  facilitators bring their love and unique gifts to create a deliciously  safe container for you to feel, express and grow – a fun and grounded opportunity to deepen your dance, your prayer, and your intimacy with self, other, community and the world.  Our community – from the Bay Area to Bali – is blossoming with exquisite harmony, heart and humanity. Join us!


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