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Soul Leadership

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I have a totally new understanding of who I am. I HAVE THE POWER TO CHANGE MY LIFE, and the knowledge that I am supported by love to make these changes! I am ready to move forward from a trust in my own light and power. — Roko Ona, M.D. ~ Tokyo
I was guided towards profound insights that have shifted both my understanding of myself and my way of being on this planet. — Justin Caruso, Yoga Teacher ~ NYC
I am claiming and remembering my power. I am remembering to listen for my inner guidance. I am remembering the language of my heart. I have ALL the power within me NOW. I remember I am the ONE I had been waiting for. I carry this message with me every day! — Meghan Dwyer, Raw Food Chef ~ Sedona
It was like the dam broke, and everything came out to be healed. I felt totally revealed and safe in the nurturing space you created. We went so deep, and yet it was so easy. Thank you. — Shela Tarwater, Paralegal ~ Florida
General Info

Do you love dance so much it hurts?  Do you forget who you are when you don’t get to move ?  Have you experienced awakening or deep healing on the dance floor?  Do you have a vision of how embodied self discovery, intimacy and empowerment can support people to thrive and create a better world?

If you answer YES to one or more of these questions, then YOU are an ideal candidate to become a Dancing Freedom Facilitator.  Come SHARE THE LOVE.  Join our community of over 160 facilitators around the world.


Our trainings are designed to support ALL LEVELS of dancers and yogis to gain the skills, confidence and embodied wisdom to bring Dancing Freedom to your communities.

 Join us for a 22-day International Facilitator Training 

Soul Quest & Facilitator Training – November 3rd-November 24 2019

The Living Arc Retreat Centre, N.S.W, Australia

This is a training for people who love to dance, who are committed to the deepest dance of freedom within themselves, and who truly care to be a force for changing the world for good. It’s a training for people who will be unsatisfied with anything less than full self expression, anything less than their deepest contribution, anything less than their biggest and most beautiful life.

We welcome dancers, yogis, DJ’s, coaches, psychiatrists, therapists, nurses, educators, ministers, martial artists, healers, coaches and anyone else committed to a path of embodied awakening to join us.

Liberate Your Soul … Expand Your Leadership Capacity … Discover Your Radiance…  Embody the Underlying Patterns of Sustainability … Deepen in Community

Dance is the next yoga.

Our Facilitator Training is designed to:

  • EMPOWER your desire to teach conscious dance with a wise, flexible facilitation toolbox.
  • CHANGE your life by supporting cellular alignment with your soul purpose.
  • UNITE people across nations and world views as a community of oneness in motion.
  • NURTURE body, mind, soul & spirit through whole-being movement, organic, farm raised foods, nature, prayer & play.
  • INITIATE you into the Beauty Way – a more resilient, sustainable way of living your life and creating your business.
  • INSPIRE your radiant, unique leadership in our community and the world.



This 22-day Facilitator Training is a soul initiation. A high-impact, intense yet delicious, depth dive into being and becoming the person you know you are here to be, empowering the unique gifts you are here to give, and learning and embodying an evolutionary movement based practice and a toolkit that you can use and share for the rest of your life.

An immersive education in conscious dance, space holding, somatics, ceremony, DJ training, integral spirituality and evolutionary leadership. You will dance daily while engaging your whole being in the foundations of regenerative culture, inclusive of permaculture, earth based ceremony and rights of passage, soul empowered purpose work and business training, deepening your love affair (and skills!) with music and culture creation, and circle work within community. It’s a modern day embodied Mystery School.  In addition to learning tools for creating and facilitating a powerful, effective, safe and joyful community dance experience, you will also learn how to set and hold energetic space, how to bring your full presence and authority to your leadership, how to effectively guide shadow work and hold space for healing trauma, how to pray and share prayer, how to stay grounded and to ground others, and how (in your own voice) to articulate and inspire the mission of evolutionary culture far and wide, and how to use your voice and how to invite the voice and expression of others forward so that everyone can shine and feel welcome.

You will have ample space for soul work appropriate to your unique phase of life, whether you are working through a big transition in work or relationship, radically re-calibrating your sense of identity, or simply seeking to deepen your spiritual journey or leadership mission.


Dance is one of the simplest, most elegant and delightful ways to help people wake up to who they are, to connect intimately with others, to reunite with the earth and nature, and to heal personal and collective pain and trauma.

The world is ready for dance.  Dance is the next yoga.  People from all walks of life are turning on to conscious movement as a fun, effective spiritual and fitness practice.  It’s an excellent way to expand your income while doing what you love.

Dancing Freedom™ is a lifestyle.  Through the body, the practice invites alignment with life, nature, your feelings and emotions, your soul, your purpose, your community, All of Your Relations and Source.  We practice meeting and responding to change, challenge, the heights of ecstasy and real intimacy with authenticity and grace.  Thus, we empower our capacity to fully LOVE and vibrantly LIVE.  Our liberation lies in dancing deeper into our lives.

Dancing Freedom™ is a practical, plug-and-play practice and a toolbox that can be used as a stand-alone offering or embedded within other events, institutions, organizations and curriculum.  We offer a set of embodied tools and a mapping of universal principles that effectively support awakening, healthy intimacy, soul empowerment, vibrant health and deeper earth connection for people from all walks of life.

Becoming a facilitator is an invitation to step into your liberated, luminous, mature and deeply skilled leadership to truly create a better world.





Science has proven that it takes 21 days to create a lasting habit, so we take 21 days (plus a little more) to make Dancing Freedom a lasting way of life for you.


  • Get healthy.
  • Meet amazing friends and build life long community.
  • Re-create or re-frame your life:  total immersion gives you the space and time to shift core level habits and limiting beliefs, set down addictions, heal unresolved relationship issues, or spaciously embody an emergent professional and personal identity.
  • Connect wisely and directly with the earth, the elements, the more-than-human intelligence of Gaia and All of Our Relations.
  • Learn how root and fly in your body, on the earth, and in your business.
  • Stand in and speak from your love and passion as the seat of your embodied authority.
  • Play into fundamental somatic patterns that support optimal health, creativity and performance.
  • Attune with your personal ancestry and the soul lineages that support you spiritually and psychically.
  • Embody sustainability through inner alchemy and outer, practical connection with the pattern language of nature.  (All of our trainings are offered at permaculture farms or eco-villages pioneering next level regenerative culture.)
  • Integrate body, heart, mind, soul & spirit into your work and into your intimate relationships.
  • Expand your existing yoga or fitness practices with the full expression of dance.
  • Gain the tools, understanding & confidence to teach this practice and share your gifts with the world – in just 22 days.
  • Dance (almost) every day for 22 days!


To create a space accessible to those wanting to take a deep dive into the elements and embodiment but not yet ready to commit to the full training- we have created an opportunity for YOU to choose what suits you.

You have the option to join us for 1 week or for 22 days.

EMBODIED ALCHEMY: (Early Bird) $1700 AUD/$1850 AUD (+GST)

1 week fully catered residential experience (also a prerequisite for the full certification).

This is an opportunity for you to become your own “elemental alchemist; “ to dive deeper into the power of dance and how it is your greatest tool for transformation, personal and global healing, and your full-bodied expression in the world.

*Learn powerful somatic practices to connect to your inner power and reset your nervous system (including several that are great for healing and releasing trauma)

*Get really real by diving into what is authentic and present for you in the moment and working directly with it (this breaks down inhibitions and fears of “being seen” in your power or vulnerability)

*Create time and space to re-connect with and remember the inherent wisdom that resides in your body, prioritizing what REALLY energizes you

*Learn powerful somatic processing techniques to connect to your body, your breath, and your emotions at any time… anywhere (this is SUPER helpful for clearing trauma or moving stuck energy)

*Experience authntic connection with yourself and other people from our global dance tribe

*The opportunity to face your personal blockages and break through them in a safe, supportive, and encouraging environment

*Set powerful intentions for yourself, your community and our planet and further become an agent of change.

*You will be challenged to grow and learn new ways of being in the world by connecting to your “larger than ego” Self and how to GROUND and MAINTAIN this state all the time

*Be seen and heard in the full expression of your Truth and receive the reflection of like-minded tribe doing the same (no more playing small, this is YOUR time to shine)

Are you ready to step through the alchemical gate and embrace the fullness of YOU?

THE FULL 22 Day IMMERSION: (Early Bird) $5155 AUD/$5555 AUD (+GST)

*This includes the Embodied Alchemy pre-requisite Retreat



Dancing Freedom is an embodied spiritual practice you can work with for the rest of your life. Our curriculum is designed to support optimal learning, depth of embodiment, and to give you the tools and support you need to take this potent practice and modern day ceremony to your community.

There are four modules embedded within in our full immersion training: EMBODIMENT gives you the essential practice; VISION is an invitation to receive the voice of your soul through connection with the heart of nature; EMPOWERMENT supports you to embody your soul purpose and to effectively bring this into the world as your business; MASTERY details soul anatomy and gives you the essential energetic tools to set and hold space, work with ritual and archetype, and create a safe container for transformation and authenticity.

EMBODIMENT, we open personal and collective pathways for being fully embodied, fully in your power and fully free. You learn the basic template of the Dancing Freedom Practice: Circling, the Elemental Wave, the Harvest and the Inner Dance + ways to innovate on and modify that practice for different settings and intentions. You get to know what the practice is, how to put a practice together, and how to work with movement as medicine.

VISION is a ceremonial gateway – an invitation to receive the voices of soul and spirit through sitting and sacred wandering with yourself in the heart of nature.

EMPOWERMENT supports you to identify your personal purpose and to create your Dancing Freedom business through a guided, step by step process.

MASTERY focuses on the essential energetic and personal empowerment skills and understandings needed to support emotional, physical and spiritual transformation for yourself and your communities.

The primary focus of our learning space is experiential. We also work with lecture format classes to support you in your intellectual and theoretical understanding of the work. We integrate head, heart, body and hands in our methodology.

Once qualified you gain certification and credentials to gain insurance as facilitator of this practice as recognised by I.I.C.T.


Are You In?


The Living Arc, Kyogle, N.S.W., Australia

Wanna spread the love?

APPLICATIONS & REGISTRATION ARE OPEN FOR OUR November 3-24th, 2019 Training, in New South Wales- Australia.   

REGISTRATION includes all instruction, activities, outings, ceremonies, use of the venue and epic organic meals.  The registration fee for our US training includes lodging.  The fee for our Australia training does not include lodging.  See each event listing for further details.

Payment Plans:  We offer generous payment plans to make the training work for you financially. Please contact us with any questions.

This is one of the greatest values available ANYWHERE in the world of embodied transformation.


Payment Policy:   All payments are nonrefundable.  All costs are in  Australian Dollars $500 non-refundable deposit reserves your spot.  You must pay in full by the dates listed to be eligible for early bird or other discounts.  The final deadline for payment for the Australia training is October 23rd.  Full payment is required before the training begins, unless otherwise agreed.  Payment plans are available by request.

Questions regarding Dancing Freedom Facilitator Training?  Email phoenixonesong(@)

“We love us!”

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