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22-Day International Facilitator Training
Nov 8-29, 2015

Byron Bay, Australia


*Applications OPEN.*

Science and Non-Duality Conference
Exploring the Nature of Consciousness
Oct. 22nd - 25th, 2015

San Jose, CA


onedancetribe Hawaii Retreat
International Conscious Dance Gathering
January 19th - 26th, 2016

Hawai'i, USA


Soul Leadership

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It was like the dam broke, and everything came out to be healed. I felt totally revealed and safe in the nurturing space you created. We went so deep, and yet it was so easy. Thank you. — Shela Tarwater, Paralegal ~ Florida
I was guided towards profound insights that have shifted both my understanding of myself and my way of being on this planet. — Justin Caruso, Yoga Teacher ~ NYC
I am claiming and remembering my power. I am remembering to listen for my inner guidance. I am remembering the language of my heart. I have ALL the power within me NOW. I remember I am the ONE I had been waiting for. I carry this message with me every day! — Meghan Dwyer, Raw Food Chef ~ Sedona
I have a totally new understanding of who I am. I HAVE THE POWER TO CHANGE MY LIFE, and the knowledge that I am supported by love to make these changes! I am ready to move forward from a trust in my own light and power. — Roko Ona, M.D. ~ Tokyo

Next INTERNATIONAL Facilitator Training – November 2015


Liberate Your Soul * Expand Your Capacity as a Leader * Discover Your Radiance

Our teacher training is designed to:

  • EMPOWER those who desire to teach conscious dance with a facilitation toolbox.
  • CHANGE lives through the practice of dance as a path of liberation and soul integration.
  • UNITE people through the healing and harmonizing power of DANCE.

2013 Dancing Freedom International Teacher Training

November 1-26, 2013 | Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

*Registration ends Oct 11, 2013*



This 26-day dance teacher training is a combination of cutting edge movement and empowerment training, soul initiation, travel, and cultural immersion. It’s an invitation to step into your liberated, luminous, mature and deeply skilled leadership to truly create a better world.  

Science has proven that it takes 21 days to create a lasting habit, so we take 21 days (plus a little more) to make dance a lasting way of life for you.

  • Recreate your life. Give yourself the gift of an entire month to shift core level habits and limiting beliefs, up-level your leadership, and embody new depths of peace, awakening and grace.
  • Integrate body, heart, mind & spirit into your work and into your intimate relationships.
  • Expand your existing yoga or fitness reality with the full expression of dance.
  • Gain practical tools & confidence to teach this practice and share your gifts with the world.
  • Complete your training in one month. Leave with all the tools you need to teach Dancing Freedom.
  • Discover Bali – one of the most beautiful places on the planet. Visit sacred temples, hike through the jungle, participate in a traditional Balinese Fire Ceremony, and more!
  • Dance (almost) every day for a month!

Our training intensives are a deep dive into your personal transformation and evolution as a leader. They take you beyond your edges and bring you home.  You will dance every day, do yoga every morning, learn powerful new skills for embodied awareness, cultivate amazing new friends, and flow forward in your own evolution – all at the same time. Our trainings are a great way to get fit, have fun, and join a dynamic, collaborative, spiritual community!


*Registration ends Oct 11*


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