Dancing Freedom

9 Month online facilitator training

Dancing Freedom

9 Month online
facilitator training

We dance to come back to the body,
 to get all of the layers of
our Being moving’  

– Caitlin (Teacher Trainer)

Facilitator Training - 9 Month Online Training

Online Facilitator Training

9 month online full certification training
commencing February 2023

For those who are not able to make it to the live in person retreat in Australia, we have created a Fully Certified Online Facilitator Training that is US & Europe time zone friendly.

Join Us For the inaugural Online

Facilitator Training & Soul Quest

Applications now Open

We are excited to announce that our Online Facilitator Training & Soul Quest is finally ready to be birthed!
Join us january 2023!

In recognition of the shifting times we are in, and to honour the various ways in which many of us have changed how we live, work, study and travel – we have developed an online training in order to welcome the next wave of future facilitators onto our Dancing Freedom team – wherever you are in the world.

In creating this online training we are aiming to make space for those of you who are unable to attend our live trainings in Australia whether for financial reasons, the inability to take so much time away from your responsibilities, the various challenges of world travel, the desire to have a low carbon footprint, or restrictions due to personal health choices.

Over the years that we have been offering this training, we have always tried to find ways to create equality and accessibility for people of all backgrounds and different economic situations. One of the gifts that this pandemic has brought is to show us how adaptable, resilient and responsive we are as humans. Through necessity we have learnt to be creative and skillful with technologies that allow us to connect virtually, and learnt that deep connection, togetherness and learning is possible, and even more than possible – it can be profound.

Facilitator Training - 9 Month Online Training

We have been working hard and getting creative to design a cohesive online training format that encompasses the entirety of the Dancing Freedom curriculum over the course of 9 months. Of course, nothing can replace the embodied learning of dancing together in a group in the same physical space over an extended period of time, but this is the next best thing and we will do our utmost to make sure that you receive all the skills and experience you need to step forward.

The sessions will be both US and Europe time zone friendly and will allow us to also make this coursework more accessible than ever to our BIPOC communities and those in countries where the socio economic conditions would not normally allow you to afford a training of this calibre.

Applications are now OPEN.
We look forward to stepping into this alchemical crucible with our global tribe in January of 2023.

With Love,
Caitlin & Phoenix

Facilitator Training - 9 Month Online Training
Facilitator Training - 9 Month Online Training


9 months
4 modules – 6 intensives
25 weekly sessions



Part 1: 4 x 4 hr days
4 weekly sessions
Part 2: 3 x 4 hr days
4 weekly sessions


5 x 4 hr days
2 weekly sessions 


2 x 4 hr days


3 x 4 hr days
5 weekly sessions
3 x 4 hr days


Assignments, Homework,
Peer Group Meetings & Practicum

Facilitator Training - 9 Month Online Training

Participation Options

Full training

This includes the entire curriculum preparing you for full certification as internationally recognized by IICT. (International Institute for Complementary Therapists) all modules, forums, mentoring to prepare you for certification

Embodiment (Module One) Only

If you are not ready to commit to the full training just yet or if you just want to deepen your own personal practice and gain skills and tools to assist you in your own evolution, you have the option to take the first module only. This includes EMBODIMENT Part 1 & 2 plus the 8 weekly sessions, mentorship sessions & forum throughout this time.

How does the
training work?

✧ Modules – each module has 1-2 intensive weekends, where we gather online for 2-4 days per month

✧ Integration Sessions – after each intensive we will have 4 weekly sessions to deepen and expand the material & themes of each module

✧ Peer group & Mentoring – you will be placed in a peer group that will meet monthly for approximately 2 hours. Some of these sessions will be guided by an experienced Dancing Freedom mentor

✧ Community Forum – connection with teachers & peers through an online community forum

✧ 1:1 Mentoring Sessions – with teacher trainers will be available during the training period at a significantly discounted rate

Facilitator Training - 9 Month Online Training


✧ Practicum – you will be required to teach 5 live or on-line practice classes as a teacher-in-training before you can become fully certified.

✧ Electives – you must*(1) participate in at least 3 multi-day workshops in an embodied movement practice.

For example: 5 Rhythms, Open Floor, Azul, The 360, or similar in order to experience dancing live within a group container to support your development as a teacher and space holder.

✧ Completion – in order to receive your certification, you must*(2) complete a 1:1 session with a teacher trainer.

This session is not included in the training fee, and is set at an additional cost of $150 USD

*1 In certain cases where due to circumstances such as location or economic climate, it is not possible to attend these workshops, another arrangement will be negotiated on a case by case basis. If you already have this experience, we still recommend that you complete this for your own development.
*2 This may be waived in certain cases such as those on scholarship

Facilitator Training - 9 Month Online Training


Please note:
All dates are given in GMT and are US and Europe friendly (please check your time zone for accuracy) 



Alchemy Part One:
February 18/19/20/21 (2023)
Alchemy Part Two:
March 21/22/23/24


Part 1: Feb 23, Mar 2/9/16
Part 2: March 1, 8,15 & 22



April 21/22/23/24


April 27, May 4, May 14 (4 hour session) 




Part 1: June 10

Part 2: July 1st
NB. There are no weekly sessions for VISION, however you will still need to meet with your peer group & complete your vision assignment in this time



Part 1: TBA (This will commence after a 3 month break around mid- late October to support you in the integration of the first few modules) 



Facilitator Training - 9 Month Online Training

Participation TIMES

Please note these times are not adjusted for daylight savings time

Each day
7.30-11.30pm GMT

Wednesdays 7:30- 9:30 PM GMT

Facilitator Training - 9 Month Online Training

Complete Certification


Dancing Freedom is an embodied spiritual practice you can work with for the rest of your life. Our curriculum is designed to support optimal learning, depth of embodiment, and to give you the tools and support you need to take this potent practice and modern day ceremony to your community.

✧ All of the benefits and experiences of our Residential Soul Quest Immersion

✧ Meet amazing people and co-create a healthy coherent community

✧ Gain an effective tool kit for real time personal and collective transformation

✧ Re-create or re-frame your life
This facilitator training gives you the space and time to shift core level habits and limiting beliefs, set down addictions, heal unresolved relationship issues, and spaciously embody an emergent professional and personal identity

✧ Connect directly with the earth, the elements, the more-than-human intelligence of Gaia and All of Our Relations.

✧ Learn how to root into your body, on the earth, and soar in your life and your business.

✧ Stand in your truth and speak from your love and passion as the seat of your embodied authority.

✧ Practice and play into fundamental somatic patterns that support optimal health, creativity and performance.

✧ Practice and learn exercises to support you to meet, embody, move, clear and heal old patterns that no longer serve you.

✧ Embody sustainability through inner alchemy and outer, practical connection with the pattern language of nature.

✧ Integrate body, heart, mind, soul & spirit into your work and into your intimate relationships.

✧ Expand your existing practices with the full expression of dance.

✧ Attune with your personal gifts, connect with your ancestry and the soul lineages that support you spiritually and psychically.

✧ Gain the tools, understanding & confidence to teach this practice and share your gifts with the world!

✧ Claim Dance As Your Medicine to contribute to our world in transition.

Facilitator Training - 9 Month Online Training


There are four modules embedded within our full immersion training:
EMBODIMENT gives you a lived experience of the essential practice;
VISION is an invitation to receive the voice of your soul through connection with the heart of nature;
MASTERY gives you the essential tools to work with archetype & ceremony, to set and hold space and create a safe container for transformation;
EMPOWERMENT supports you to embody your soul purpose and to effectively bring this practice into the world as your vocation.


A ceremonial gateway – an invitation to receive the voices of soul and spirit through sitting and sacred wandering with yourself in the heart of nature.


In Embodiment, we open personal and collective pathways for being fully embodied, fully in your power and fully free.


Supports you to identify your personal purpose and to create your Dancing Freedom business through a guided, step by step process.


Focuses on the essential energetic and personal empowerment skills and understandings needed to support emotional, physical and spiritual transformation for yourself and your communities.

Facilitator Training - 9 Month Online Training

The primary focus of our learning space is experiential. We also work with lecture format classes to support you in your intellectual and theoretical understanding of the work. We integrate head, heart, body and hands in our methodology.

Once qualified you gain certification and credentials to gain insurance as a facilitator of this practice as recognised by I.I.C.T.

Facilitator Training - 9 Month Online Training

Investment Options

Facilitator Training - 9 Month Online Training


Super Early Bird

$2200 USD
Available until 14 July 2022


$2442 USD
Available until 25 November 2022


$2772 USD
Available until training begins


Super Early Bird

$3333 USD
Available until 14 July 2022


$3700 USD
Available until 17 December 2022


$4200 USD
Available until training begins

PLEASE NOTE: Partial Scholarships and Payment Plans Available Upon Request

placement by application only 
please click here to apply

Facilitator Training - 9 Month Online Training