Dancing Freedom

Facilitator Training

Facilitator Training

Applications Now Open For the November 2021 training in Australia

Kyogle, NSW, Australia
3rd – 18th November 2021

We invite you to step into the next level of your life, to dance your Path of Embodied Awakening and to share healing, transformation and leadership with your communities throughout the world!

We’d like to get to know you a little – your experience, your leadership vision and what makes you tick. Please fill out the application below and submit it electronically. We review and accept applications on a rolling basis until the training is full (limited to 24). We will email you a copy of your application.

Please email Phoenix at [email protected] with any questions.

We look forward to dancing with you soon!

The Dancing Freedom Team

For those who are not able to travel to Australia at this time, keep your eyes peeled… we will soon be releasing details about the 9 Month Online Facilitator Training that will be offered in 2022.

For those who are not able to travel to Australia at this time, keep your eyes peeled… we will soon be releasing details about the 9 Month Online Facilitator Training that will be offered in 2022.

Facilitator Training Application
Facilitator Training Application Form
Which participation option are you interested in? *
Please answer simply in 2-5 sentences, as though we were just being introduced at a party or a conference.
This training is best suited for individuals who are experienced in one or more of the areas of: dance, yoga, fitness, martial arts, coaching, somatics, education, body-work, or counseling psychology.
A minimum of three consecutive years of regular engagement with a physically focused practice is required as a baseline to attend this training. Please tell us a little bit about your experience and why you are ready to participate in this intensive.
How do you see yourself offering this practice to inspire, heal, connect and engage people?
In other words, what is your sense of why you have incarnated on this planet at this time. If this isn't clear for you, don't worry. Consider this as an opportunity to more deeply contemplate and locate your purpose.
During the training we will request that you take a break from using any recreational substances for your time on the mountain
ie. with whom and in what context- this is not a requirement it simply gives a deeper understanding of what inspires you

Facilitator Training Application


"‘The Dancing Freedom training opened my heart to fully accept myself in ways I wasn’t capable of on my own. The group container offered a safety and love that allowed me to step into my vulnerability in ways that I had never allowed myself to do before. I feel that the range of emotions I am able to experience has expanded through movement, group sharing, and support.

As I saw others grow, change, and open their hearts, I was able to tap into parts of myself and my experience that had never been named or discussed before. Dancing Freedom empowered me to explore and appreciate the full range of human emotion and the many levels of connection we have with each other, all animals, plants, and the earth."

- Eliza S.


'‘For the first time in my life I feel that I have the possibility and the inner and outer tools, to start sharing what I truly treasure and believe in with my community: a dimension of embodied awakening where authenticity, growth, connection, love, compassion, full expression of body*mind*soul, joy and celebration, prayer, nourishment, co-creation, creativity, aliveness and freedom can happen.

I feel more adult and more ready to take action and responsibility, I feel a readiness (which includes embracing my fears and my vulnerability) to step into the bigger me. I feel that trust keeps growing within me and in the ways I interact with the worlds, visible and invisible. It’s nourished as I open up to prayer and Godliness and as I interact with the physical world, nature and people with an open and curious heart.

I came out of the training with an expanded heart, feeling a greater capacity to love, feeling a true love for people and an authentic desire to share this BIG LOVE and beauty. Today, I feel I’m more here, more fully adult as a woman, I deserve to be born in this world and to shine my light, I truly believe that’s the only way I can help others shine their light too.’'

- Keri G.

Facilitator Training Application


"I came into this training knowing that I wanted to facilitate dance, but lacking a form that I trusted, and also not thinking of myself as qualified. I came out of this training with an experiential knowing of Dancing Freedom, feeling qualified to teach, and with a wealth of gifts I never could have anticipated. I’ve gone from waiting to live my passion, to living it. All-in-all, it was better than imagined."

- Alicia G.