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Asked Questions

Must I have previous dance training?

NO. Participants are welcome from any level of experience from new dancers to experienced dancers, current teachers of somatic therapy, yoga, movement, Fitness Professionals, Activists, Managers, Holistic Health Practitioners, Community Organizers, Teachers, Therapists, Management Consultants and Organizational Development Professionals, Life Coaches, Conscious DJ’s, embodied business leaders, and social entrepreneurs. Experience IS highly recommended, but not required. If you do not have dance experience, we need to know what other life experiences qualify you.

Is there are shorter format?

YES AND NO. We used to do a “Fast Track” format, but we found that 14 days was not sufficient time to share the whole tool kit, or for you to fully integrate the practice as body-memory. So, we only offer the 22 day format. There have been other formats over the years. We feel this one is the best of all worlds – marrying depth, easier access for international students and efficiency.

We understand that for some people taking 22 days away could be tricky so we now offer the first week of the training as a stand alone deep dive into the elements. This 1 week journey is a residential experience and becomes a pre-requisite for the full training which can be completed the following year.

There is also an option if it’s not at all feasible for you to do the third week at the training, to complete the module as an online mentorship program with Phoenix. Please contact her for more information about this.

Who is it for?

People who love to move, and want to bring dance to the world as vehicle for awakening, leadership, intimacy,earth healing and transformation. Anyone wishing to deepen his or her body-mind-soul practice and mastery.

Am I too young or too old?

NO! Our global team of over 180 facilitators is a diverse community of people who serve life through the sacred practice of dance. We are age 12 to 67. We come in all shapes and sizes.

Who will be there with me?

Dancing Freedom Facilitator Training is an international gathering of embodied wisdom keepers. Folks have joined us at previous trainings from Australia, South Africa, Finland, Ireland, U.K., Switzerland and the U.S. and beyond. We welcome diversity in age, race, ethnicity, ability, primary language, gender, creed and socio-cultural background in our community. We request and require that all participants come with a good heart and a good mind.

Do I need to know I want to teach classes in order to attend the training?

NO. It’s true, the training will give you a rich toolkit to teach Dancing Freedom in your community. And in the process you will experience tremendous personal growth through the dance, ceremony and community. Sometimes people may decide to teach during the course of the training – and sometimes they don’t. 🙂 This training is a journey of a lifetime!

Can I make a living with it?

YES. With commitment, persistence and a grounded business approach you can make excellent supplementary income teaching this practice. With time, you may be able to make it your primary income through workshops and trainings. Ultimately, as with all things of great value, Dancing Freedom is an art of giving, an art of serving, a science of engaging consciousness with every cell in your body and sharing that with others. Some people choose to use it as a livelihood, others do not. Some people find financial success by teaching large weekly classes and workshops or bringing the practice into other organizations like schools, universities and corporations. Others find greater satisfaction through giving it where their soul is called to give it.

For example, Rebecca Reeves brought DF to the UN Peace University, Maria Rowan taught it at Occupy rallies and at battered women’s shelters, Lydia Marolda brought it to teens at risk, and Magalie Bonneau-Marcil took the inspiration she found through Dancing Freedom and founded the global organization, Dancing Without Borders. Many find a happy medium where Dancing Freedom is one source of income among many.

What do I do with it when I’ve completed the training?

We don’t believe in cookie-cutter teachers. Many people lead weekly, bi-weekly or monthly classes and/or events. Other lead workshops. Dancing Freedom facilitators all over integrate Dancing Freedom into their coaching practices, therapy practices, schools, festivals, non-profit organizations, and so much more. It’s up to you how you want to use it.

What will I learn?

We teach a somatic (body-based) leadership and wisdom skill set for movement facilitators. It’s a living mystery school grounded in the body, the elements and movement as spiritual practice. You don’t have to know you want to teach to come to training – and often many students attend to experience profound shifts in their own lives and leadership. For an extensive description of the Dancing Freedom curriculum, CLICK HERE

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