Thriving together

‘We are a collective of humans sharing the planet.
Dancing Freedom gives us the spaciousness to feel our sovereignty & uniqueness, while feeling our place in the whole. It allows us to recognising and remembering our Belonging.

– Phoenix (Lead Visionary & Teacher Trainer)



Nature as our guide

Through the Dancing Freedom community, we are creating a collective. We are reconnecting to the collective Consciousness, and doing the work together. It is not just one person carrying the burden or one person clearing themselves, we are collectively cleaning up the energy of ourselves and our planet and also clearing the pathway forward.

Dancing Freedom is an individual movement meditation that is a part of a collective community practice. We are in ceremony with ourselves and each other as we heal and create entirely new ways of being, understanding and embodiment. Gone are the days of individuated beings living in isolation. Dancing Freedom creates space for us to ‘do the work’ together.

Every single being and creature has a unique purpose as an integral part of the the bigger picture. Through Dancing Freedom, we invite the remembering of this role, our belonging and that we all have a unique and powerful part to play in humanities evolution.


Our Collective Evolution

We are evolving. We are remembering, in another way, that we are a part of everything else, that we are interdependent with the earth and all of our relations. We are remembering that we are not alone, but intimately entangled with the intelligence of life, bound to our social nature as animals and to our place in the more-than-human world.

Our freedom is a function of our communion with other humans, with nature and with spirit. Our freedom is a dance of relationship, of comm-unity, of beauty. This remembrance is taking us back to ancient ways of coming together to discover ourselves, to heal, to co-create, and to relate. It is taking us back into tribe, newly imagined. It is returning us to the ancient, eternal , communal practice of the dance as a place to pray and play.


The nature of Self is different in these times. Only in the last few hundred years have we come to know ourselves so intently as individuated Selves. We have evolved a detailed psychological and social context for individuation and ego development allowing us to grow beyond the constraints of traditional culture to become vibrantly expressed creative beings living “our own lives”, “our own truths.” This is new.

At the same time, we have taken me and mine and ownership to an extreme previously unknown to human consciousness. The imbalances of this evolution are obvious, including widespread anxiety, depression, loneliness and unrootedness, and a post-industrial capitalist system that plows forward with virtually no connection to the earth. But, we are learning from these imbalances and beginning to evolve beyond them, transcending and including the individuated Self by nesting it within a bigger experience of We.

This WE emerges more potent, colourful and wildly intelligent that anything that has ever existed.


Me and we

A new humanity

We are only just beginning to see or feel what this WE can be. At the intersection of WE and ME is a new kind of human. We are learning to be truly powerful as individuals while opening ourselves and expanding our ego structures to embody the motion of collectivity. As we integrate the potent Self into our experiences of togetherness, collaboration and co-creation, we are relearning something ancient while living into an emergent experience of tribe and membership – one we choose. Our unity in diversity and our diversity in unity weave a new pattern for how we live our lives. We become resilient, response-able, connected. We experience freedom in co-creation. In community, we come more alive. We, at Dancing Freedom, see that this is why DANCE is emerging as the nexus of practice for people on the path of co-creating a better world.


So, we invite you to join us in community. Come play. Open your heart. Call on passionate expression. Discover who you are and can be when you are fully supported to be your true self, when you are mirrored by others in honest and loving ways, and when you are fully welcomed to co-create with the whole.

And, if you’d like to train in the Dancing Freedom worldview and methodology for co-creating community…



Amazing Grace is a guided Dancing Freedom journey through the elements. It is a somatic, ecstatic and shamanic dance practice that supports the re-emergence of embodied wholeness. We dance an elemental wave, tapping into the fundamental building blocks that we are made of: Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether, creating a safe space for your true self to experience full bodied expression.

In this movement practice, we dance in ceremony; we give ourselves permission to enter the mythic, to work with our intent and welcome our felt senses to weave a new reality for ourselves and all our relations.