Dancing Freedom

Core Curriculum

As we become the Hollow Bone, we align in resonance with the earth and become the instruments and channels for a new way.

– Phoenix (Lead Visionary & Teacher Trainer)

Facilitator Training - Core Curriculum

Dancing Freedom

An embodied spiritual dance practice

Dancing Freedom is an embodied spiritual practice you can work with for the rest of your life. Our curriculum is designed to support optimal learning, depth of embodiment, and to give you the tools and support you need to take this potent practice and modern day ceremony for transforming lives into your community.

Dance is one of the simplest, most accessible and delightful ways to help people wake up to who they are, to connect intimately with themselves and others, to reunite with the earth and nature, and to heal personal and collective pain and trauma.

The world is ready for dance. People from all walks of life are discovering conscious movement as a fun, effective spiritual and fitness practice. It’s an excellent way to expand your personal toolbox while doing what you love.

Dancing Freedom™ is a way of life. Through the body, the practice invites alignment with what is alive and moving in & around you – your feelings and emotions, your soul, your purpose, your community, nature, All of Your Relations and Source.

We practice meeting and responding to change, challenge, the heights of ecstasy, the depths of grief and vulnerability with authenticity and grace. Thus, we empower our capacity to fully LOVE and vibrantly LIVE. Our liberation is found by dancing deeper into our lives.

Dancing Freedom™ is a practical, adaptable practice and toolbox that can be used as a stand-alone offering or embedded within other offerings, events, institutions, organisations and curriculum. We offer a set of embodied tools and a mapping of universal principles that effectively support awakening, healthy intimacy, soul empowerment, vibrant health and deeper earth connection for people from all walks of life.

Becoming a facilitator is an invitation to step into your liberated, luminous, mature and deeply skilled leadership to be an agent of change and creation in the world.



There are four modules embedded within our full immersion training:

EMBODIMENT gives you a lived experience of the essential practice;
VISION is an invitation to receive the voice of your soul through connection with the heart of nature;
MASTERY gives you the essential tools to work with archetype & ceremony, to set and hold space and create a safe container for transformation;
EMPOWERMENT supports you to embody your soul purpose and to effectively bring this practice into the world as your vocation.

Facilitator Training - Core Curriculum


The Essential Practice

In Embodiment, we open personal and collective pathways for being fully embodied, fully in your power and fully free. You learn the basic template of the Dancing Freedom Practice: Gathering in Circle, the Elemental Wave, the Harvest and the Inner Dance + ways to innovate on and modify the practice for different settings and intentions. You get to know what the practice is by doing it, by being initiated into the elemental map that is the foundation of our practice and how to work with the ceremony of movement as medicine.

Facilitator Training - Core Curriculum

✧ Embody the practice by doing it

✧ The Outer Elemental Wave & The Inner Dance

✧ The Harvest: receiving direct guidance from the body, heart and higher self

✧ How the practice works with the elements as allies

✧ How to combine ecstatic, somatic, shamanic and expressive intelligence to create an optimal experience for students

✧ Mindfulness as a moving meditation

✧ How to use music, intention and symbol to create powerful ritual

✧ “Being a conscious DJ”- How to create magic with your own playlists

✧ How to create and hold sacred space to allow for deep embodied transformation

✧ Class planning, design and innovating your own curriculum 

✧ How to layer ritual, intent, mindfulness, music and intuitive guidance to create soul alchemy

✧ The Six Patterns of Total Body Connectivity & the five essential movements (basic somatics)

✧ Ways to bring duet or group work into a practice

✧ The Dancing Freedom tool kit for synergizing group consciousness, leadership & creative expression

✧ How to modify the practice for different environments

✧ How to innovate exercises for situations other than classes

✧ The Listening Heart

Facilitator Training - Core Curriculum


Get Your Life On Purpose

In empowerment, we dive deep into soul purpose & conscious business creation. Regardless of how much work you have or have not done on these things, you will receive an opportunity to embody your Path more deeply, powerfully and in greater integrity with the person you are becoming through your own prayers.


Facilitator Training - Core Curriculum

✧ Your core values

✧ The deeper face of your passion

✧ Unconscious obstacles – and how to consciously work with them

✧ Confidence, clarity and natural authority arising from your soul’s truth

✧ How to create partnerships and collaborations that make everything easier and more fun

✧ A pathway for your business that makes sense to your body and your heart

✧ Better ways to manage your time and energy

✧ A better, more compelling story for your life and leadership

Facilitator Training - Core Curriculum


Nature & Soul Immersion

Vision is a time of initiation to receive the voice of your soul through immersion in nature and non-ordinary ceremony (usually sweat lodge ceremony, but variable dependent upon where trainings are offered, weather and other cultural factors). It is a time to be in direct relationship with the animate intelligence(s) of the universe – a dance of soul and spirit. Every aspect of Nature is soul, has soul, and is an expression of and a reflection of soul.

In taking this time, you will receive subtle, vibrant reflections of your highest gifts and knowing, discover how your life is an expression of larger patterns, and innovate ways in which to design your life in integrity with those patterns. And, you become better able to hear what the world is calling from you. VISION invites you to align your life with LIFE.

Facilitator Training - Core Curriculum

✧ Learn about the ancient art of prayer and how to live your life as a prayer.

✧Dismantle the armour that keeps you separate from belonging to the great web of creation

✧ Open to direct connection with your ancestors and soul lineages

✧Learn what it means to be in right relationship with yourself & all of life

✧ Learn to work with the heart opening medicine of cacao

Facilitator Training - Core Curriculum



Mastery is not a destination – it’s a deepening of our willingness and capacity to work with our own unique gifts and limitations in collaboration with the more than human world. It is a toolbox for resiliency and leadership. This module of the training offers you the tools for setting spaces of energetic clarity, creating safety, healthy boundaries and a culture of consent, working with shadow and light, and supporting deep emotional and spiritual transformation, empowerment and healing for yourself and your students.

Expand your capacity to discern, embrace the unknown, your ability to be and act as love, and your continuous practice of choice. Learn to dance your life in harmony with Universal Law and develop your natural human and spiritual gifts.

Choose the path of Mastery – a dance where you, as an individual, fully live your unique gifts -and a dance where you, as a leader, gently but firmly steward the evolution of conscious living through conscious language, conscious music, conscious movement, conscious stillness and conscious community.

Facilitator Training - Core Curriculum

✧ How to lead as love

✧ Universal templates for creating Ceremony & Personal and Planetary Prayer

✧ How to use your voice and your presence to “Master” the room

✧How to invoke your own allies, guides, ancestors, guardians and unique soul gifts to support you and your students

✧Cross Cultural shamanic practices for working in partnership with the elements, directions, ancestors, totems & guides

✧ Simple tools for working with trauma and deep healing

✧ ✧ ✧

Essential Energetic Tools for Self Mastery and Service

✧ Grounding, clearing and owning your space

✧ Connecting to Source

✧ Holographic Awareness 

✧ The Power of Intent: setting & holding space

✧ Root to Rise:  balanced transformation

✧ The “lost language of prayer:” Feeling and the Heart of the Universe.

Facilitator Training - Core Curriculum
Facilitator Training - Core Curriculum