Facilitator Training


As we become the Hollow Bone, we align in resonance with the earth and become the instruments and channels for a new way.

– Phoenix (Lead Visionary & Teacher Trainer)

Facilitator Training - Requirements


Dancing Freedom

Leadership and Way of Life

✧ The creativity and courage to live Dancing Freedom as a way of life ✧

✧ A desire to lead ✧

✧ The passion and grounding to co-create with, for and in community ✧

✧ A foundation in love, authenticity and embodiment ✧

✧ An active enquiry into the Self and the emergence of Oneness ✧

✧ Tenacity, determination and patience ✧

Dancing Freedom facilitators

Embodiment | Vision | Mastery | Empowerment

Dancing Freedom facilitator trainings are open to those who feel a deep resonance with this work, who come with a deep desire to heal from the inside out and to serve our world in transition. In addition, we’ve found successful Dancing Freedom facilitators have some things in common…

At least three years of stable, embodied practice is highly recommended. This includes any form of technical dance, improvisational dance, somatics, ecstatic dance, yoga, meditation or martial arts. If you do not have a ‘conscious dance’  background, we ask that you begin your journey now –trusting what calls your heart. Dance at least twice a week, even if it is in your bedroom.

Participants are welcome from any level of experience: new dancers to experienced dancers, current teachers of somatic therapy, yoga, movement, Fitness Professionals, Activists, Managers, Holistic Health Practitioners, Community Organizers, Teachers, Therapists, Management Consultants and Organizational Development Professionals, Life Coaches, Conscious DJ’s, embodied business leaders, and social entrepreneurs.

Facilitator Training - Requirements

To become fully certified as a Dancing Freedom facilitator you must

Attend and complete a Facilitator Training.

Teach 5 Dancing Freedom classes in your community

Participate and contribute in 3 peer mentoring sessions

Document your lesson plans and teaching experiences

Share your 5 playlists for review

Complete all online module sessions & assignments

Complete a final self-evaluation

Complete a final coaching & review session with a lead teacher trainer ($150* extra which goes towards ongoing support including logos, photo assets &basic social media promotion)

*We also offer an additional coaching program following your training to
support facilitators as you begin to teach.