Dancing Freedom

Facilitator Training
2021 dates TBA

We are not just training dance facilitators
we are training earth warriors, custodians and leaders

– Phoenix (Lead Visionary & Teacher Trainer)

Facilitator Training

Facilitator Training

The Sacred Valley, Calca, Peru

Postponed until 2021 or further Notice

Join us for our 22 day Embodied Leadership Facilitator Training and Soul Quest Retreat

Do you love dance so much it hurts? Do you forget who you are when you don’t get to move ? Have you experienced awakening or deep healing on the dance floor? Do you have a vision of how embodied self discovery, intimacy and empowerment can support people to thrive and create a better world?

If you answer YES to one or more of these questions, then YOU are an ideal candidate to become a Dancing Freedom Facilitator. Come SHARE THE LOVE.

Our trainings are designed to support ALL LEVELS of dancers and yogis to gain the skills, confidence and embodied wisdom to bring Dancing Freedom to your communities.

This is a training for people who love to dance, who are committed to the deepest dance of freedom within themselves, and who truly care to be a force for changing the world for good. It’s a training for people who will be unsatisfied with anything less than full self expression, anything less than their deepest contribution, anything less than their biggest and most beautiful life.

We welcome dancers, yogis, DJ’s, coaches, psychiatrists, therapists, nurses, educators, ministers, martial artists, healers, coaches and anyone else committed to a path of embodied awakening to join us.

Dancing Freedom

a conscious movement practice

Dancing Freedom is a conscious movement practice, that supports healthy intimacy, full body expression, loving boundaries, emotional coherency & spiritual awakening for individuals & whole communities.

Our training intensives are a deep dive into your personal transformation and evolution as an embodied leader. This facilitator training will take you beyond your edges and bring you home to your authentic Self. You will dance every day, learn new skills for powerful embodied presence and awareness, cultivate amazing new friendships, and flow forward in your own evolution as a leader on the global stage – all at the same time.

If you are ready to step deeper into your leadership and join a dynamic, collaborative, spiritual community that is making a BIG difference in the world- while also giving your body the gift of an immersive, purposeful and fulfilling 22 day dance experience-

then this training is for YOU!

This is no ordinary training. Our training blends deep somatic, ecstatic and shamanic movement work with collaborative leadership training, soul empowerment, sacred ceremony and community peer mentoring.

Facilitator Training

Our Facilitator Training is designed to:

EMPOWER your desire to teach conscious dance with a wise, flexible facilitation toolbox.

CHANGE your life by supporting cellular alignment with your soul purpose.

UNITE people across nations and world views as a community of oneness in motion.

NURTURE body, mind, soul & spirit through whole-being movement, organic, farm raised foods, nature, prayer & play.

INITIATE you into the Beauty Way – a resilient, sustainable way of living your life & creating your business.

INSPIRE your radiant, unique leadership in our community and the world.

Facilitator Training


A complete immersion

This 22-day Facilitator Training is a soul initiation. A high-impact, intense yet delicious, depth dive into being and becoming the person you know you are here to be, empowering the unique gifts you are here to give, and learning and embodying an evolutionary movement based practice and a toolkit that you can use and share for the rest of your life.

This is an immersive education in conscious dance, space holding, somatic experiencing, ritual and ceremony, earth connection, DJ skills, integral spirituality and embodied leadership.

You will dance daily while engaging your whole being in the foundations of regenerative culture; inclusive of permaculture principles, earth based ceremony, rites of passage, soul empowered purpose work and business training.

Facilitator Training

It’s a modern day embodied Mystery School.

In addition to learning tools for creating and facilitating a powerful, effective, safe and joyful community dance experience, you will also learn how to set and hold space, how to bring your full presence and authority to your leadership, how to work with prayer and intention, how to stay grounded and help others ground themselves, how to use your voice to articulate your purpose and vision and how to invite the voice and expression of others forward so that everyone can shine.

You will have ample space for personal soul work appropriate to your unique phase of life; whether you are working through a big transition in work or relationship, radically re-calibrating your sense of identity, or seeking to deepen your connection to your spirituality and purpose- this training will meet you where you are and help you take those next steps into who you are becoming.

In this 3 week training- we welcome your total transformation!

Facilitator Training

Liberate Your Soul

Expand Your Leadership Capacity

Discover Your Radiance

Embody the Underlying Patterns of Sustainability

Deepen in Community

Facilitator Training

Moving Together

We are a global movement


Our global team of over 180 facilitators is a diverse community of people who serve life through the sacred practice of dance. We are age 12 to 67. We come in all shapes and sizes. Participants from all levels of experience have taken part in our trainings– seasoned ecstatic dancers, experienced dance teachers, body workers, therapists, changemakers, yogis, DJ’s, coaches, teachers, permaculturalists, integral leaders, mental health workers, medicine men and women, and holistic healers.

Everyone who has completed our training has found a deepened capacity and increased confidence for sharing themselves in life and had significant transformation and learning through our trainings. We highly recommend a consistent movement and mindfulness practice prior to arriving.

Dancing Freedom supports those who feel the call to take their purpose and their passion and put it into action in their lives.

The Dancing Freedom Community is a fractal of a global wave of awakening. We dance for unity, peace, personal transformation, earth healing, social healing and oneness. We bring this through the medicine of the Dance and embodied leadership.

We are specifically calling those of YOU who carry DANCE MEDICINE to join us on this epic adventure into the heart and soul of the Peruvian Andes. This training will up level your personal and collective capacity to shift consciousness, transform fear into trust and bring joy and celebration and ceremony as a means of healing to our world.

Facilitator Training

Munay Sonqo

Sacred Valley –Calca Peru

Munay Sonqo Retreat and Yoga Center is located in the Sacrey Valley, about 1.5km from Cusco, Peru. It is nestled in an oasis of native plants and fruit trees and is nourished by a magnificent waterfall. It is a place to connect to the incredible depth and beauty of what nature offers.

Facilitator Training

The Sacred Valley of Peru, is a majestic spot in the Andes Mountains and home of the twelve mountains known as “Apus” – “Luminous Beings”,  who are said to intercede on behalf of people. At this beautiful centre, we have the opportunity to commune directly with these mountains, as well as with the local curanderos and pacos (healers), who engage with us for ritual and ceremony.

Facilitator Training

The centres heart-felt mission is to create a nourishing environment in which to experience this special place as well as the retreat you have come here for.

The Dancing Freedom residential immersion is fully catered with delicious meals made from locally-grown and lovingly prepared ingredients.


What you Will learn?

This 22-day Facilitator Training is an intensive, super fun, deep dive into dance, movement meditation, space holding, nature immersion, DJ training, embodied leadership, business development, and community building.

As we dive into the core curriculum of Dancing Freedom™ you’ll learn the fundamentals of the practice through embodied experience. We dive deeply into the Dancing Freedom™ practice, the energetic and personal empowerment tools needed to facilitate and guide others, and the big picture on spiritual, emotional and physical transformation possible for you and your communities through dance. We offer a comprehensive experience, a broad and powerful toolbox, and a total holographic understanding and working map for your own leadership. The Dancing Freedom Facilitator Training and Soul Initiation is a modern day embodied Mystery School.

Take a deeper look at what you’ll be learning
be learning over at the Dancing Freedom Curriculum page.


When you finish the training you will be approved to teach as a Dancing Freedom™ Facilitator-In-Training. You can begin teaching immediately as a Facilitator-In-Training. To get your graduation certificate, you must teach five (5) classes, complete a final self-evaluation, and complete a final coaching & review session with a lead teacher trainer.

Are you ready to step through the alchemical gate
and embrace the fullness of YOU?

Facilitator Training



To create a space accessible to those wanting to take a deep dive into the elements and embodiment but not yet ready to commit to the full training- we have created an opportunity for YOU to choose what suits you.

You have the option to join us for 1 week or for 22 days.

Facilitator Training

Lead Teacher Trainers

Facilitator Training

Phoenix Onesong Marolda

Embodiment, Community Development & Lead Teacher Trainer

Facilitator Training

Inspired by her experiences on dance floors from around the globe Phoenix has devoted the past 15 years of her life to exploring what it means to use dance, authentic movement and ceremony for healing and transformation.

In facilitating her own evolution and that of others she is assisting with the global shift that is happening at this time. With the tools she has gained throughout her life she empowers and reminds others to embrace their body’s movements and natural intelligence as a means of experiencing life to its fullest.

She is currently living and loving in Melbourne, Australia where she facilitates dance ceremonies and workshops within a growing community, founded in dance medicine and transformative ritual.

 Caitlin Wood

Embodiment, Creative Director, Ceremonial Alchemist

As an embodied leader of creative freedom – an artist, creative therapist, Dancing Freedom facilitator, Open Floor teacher and weaver of soundscapes- Caitlin loves to guide people into a more loving relationship with their body and the Earth, to inspire joyful gratitude for this beautiful gift of life, and to assist people and communities in developing strong foundations of connectedness, kindness and integrity.

She has been dancing with life since 1980, and sharing the joy of movement with others since 2012.

She is a fully certified Dancing Freedom facilitator and Open Floor teacher, who has been offering classes and workshops in Sydney and at conferences and festivals both around Australia and internationally.

Facilitator Training
Facilitator Training

Facilitator Training


"‘The Dancing Freedom training opened my heart to fully accept myself in ways I wasn’t capable of on my own. The group container offered a safety and love that allowed me to step into my vulnerability in ways that I had never allowed myself to do before. I feel that the range of emotions I am able to experience has expanded through movement, group sharing, and support.

As I saw others grow, change, and open their hearts, I was able to tap into parts of myself and my experience that had never been named or discussed before. Dancing Freedom empowered me to explore and appreciate the full range of human emotion and the many levels of connection we have with each other, all animals, plants, and the earth."

- Eliza S.


'‘For the first time in my life I feel that I have the possibility and the inner and outer tools, to start sharing what I truly treasure and believe in with my community: a dimension of embodied awakening where authenticity, growth, connection, love, compassion, full expression of body*mind*soul, joy and celebration, prayer, nourishment, co-creation, creativity, aliveness and freedom can happen.

I feel more adult and more ready to take action and responsibility, I feel a readiness (which includes embracing my fears and my vulnerability) to step into the bigger me. I feel that trust keeps growing within me and in the ways I interact with the worlds, visible and invisible. It’s nourished as I open up to prayer and Godliness and as I interact with the physical world, nature and people with an open and curious heart.

I came out of the training with an expanded heart, feeling a greater capacity to love, feeling a true love for people and an authentic desire to share this BIG LOVE and beauty. Today, I feel I’m more here, more fully adult as a woman, I deserve to be born in this world and to shine my light, I truly believe that’s the only way I can help others shine their light too.’'

- Keri G.

Facilitator Training


"I came into this training knowing that I wanted to facilitate dance, but lacking a form that I trusted, and also not thinking of myself as qualified. I came out of this training with an experiential knowing of Dancing Freedom, feeling qualified to teach, and with a wealth of gifts I never could have anticipated. I’ve gone from waiting to live my passion, to living it. All-in-all, it was better than imagined."

- Alicia G.

Facilitator Training
Facilitator Training