Private Mentoring

With Phoenix Onesong Marolda

‘Together, we make our way through the human experience, carving new pathways for our selves, our community and the world.

– Phoenix (Lead Visionary & Teacher Trainer)

Private Mentoring

Private Mentorship

Are you ready to step into YOUR fullness in 2021?

1:1 mentoring sessions for these emergent times.

Phoenix specializse in assisting you to get out of your own way and to allow for your true Self to take the lead.

She works with deep listening, mirroring, movement, sound, emotional release, ritual and supporting soul initiations.

Grief and loss has become one of her superpowers- and she is here to support you to meet these teachers with compassion, willingness, and a receptive heart.

All sessions are catered to your personal needs.

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Your Doula and Guide

Phoenix Onesong Marolda

Phoenix firmly believes that each and every one of us has a unique role to play in our evolving culture and in the shifting of the current paradigm. She has committed her life to co-creating spaces and opportunities for people to unite to put their pieces of the puzzle together. She combines her passion for teaching, speaking her truth, organising intentional events and communing with nature, to play her part in weaving our collective visions into the web that we are each a part of. Her purpose is to inspire and empower others to share their gifts. She reminds others to stop playing small, encouraging them to remember that we are all here to work together towards the “more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.” She is a student of life and a teacher who shares her

Private Mentoring

vision for global synergy and collaboration.

Phoenix has a Masters degree in Education and Creative Arts in Learning from Lesley University. Before taking the helm of Dancing she was a school teacher for 15 years, working with children from the age of 3 to high school age. She founded Root to Rise: Rites of Passage journeys for young women to help them transition to adulthood in a conscious, supported, and embodied way. She is also the founder of Synergy: Intentional Dance Experience which brings all night drug and alcohol free events to those who wish to “get high naturally.” She has taught classes and workshops to thousands of people around the world, spanning the USA, Japan Australia, Central America and Bali.

Private Mentoring


‘Since I started working with Phoenix as my mentor, I have been able to see myself under a new light, recognize my own limiting patterns and have the courage to do the inner work.

Phoenix’s potent medicine goes the extra mile providing deep caring for my human journey. She weaves a strong container for healing, transformation and empowerment that transcends time and space.

Each session is packed with deep wisdom, revelations, inner work and the knowing that Phoenix is devoted to assist my soul´s true path.’

– Mariana Ramsey (Minneapolis, Minnesota)

‘1:1 mentoring sessions with Phoenix are an intrinsic and beautiful support through my journey into the forest of shadow work… working through some deep core wounds, and supporting my re-emergence into the light, celebrating my gifts, and re-igniting my inner flame…

Phoenix offers a tapestry of compassionate deep listening, reflective mirroring, embodiment practices, wisdom transmissions of such uniqueness, authenticity and inspiration… gently guiding me to meet my edges and inviting me to dive deep, holding a safe space for me to unravel and release what’s underneath… Always encouraging and empowering me to remember my own unique wisdoms and gifts within, to find my own answers, to find my own inner teacher…

Through these sessions, I have discovered a deeper trust in my soul gifts, an opportunity to be truly seen and heard without any judgment, and to keep taking one step after another… embracing all of life’s ebbs and flows… Beautifully held, tender and heartfelt…

Deep gratitude to you Phoenix’

– Kirsty Hardman (Melbourne, Australia)

‘I have a totally new understanding of who I am. I HAVE THE POWER TO CHANGE MY LIFE, and the knowledge that I am supported by love to make these changes! I am ready to move forward from a trust in my own light and power.’

– Roko Ona, M.D. (Tokyo)

‘I was guided towards profound insights that have shifted both my understanding of myself and my way of being on this planet.’

– Justin Caruso, Yoga Teacher (NYC)

‘I am claiming and remembering my power. I am remembering to listen for my inner guidance. I am remembering the language of my heart. I have ALL the power within me NOW. I remember I am the ONE I had been waiting for. I carry this message with me every day!’

– Meghan Dwyer, Raw Food Chef  (Sedona)



Amazing Grace is a guided Dancing Freedom journey through the elements. It is a somatic, ecstatic and shamanic dance practice that supports the re-emergence of embodied wholeness. We dance an elemental wave, tapping into the fundamental building blocks that we are made of: Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether, creating a safe space for your true self to experience full bodied expression.

In this movement practice, we dance in ceremony; we give ourselves permission to enter the mythic, to work with our intent and welcome our felt senses to weave a new reality for ourselves and all our relations.