Embody Your Voice

Online Course

November 18th-December 21st

Embody Your Voice

Online Course

November 18th-December 21st

‘ During these times of change and uncertainty, we are being invited to slow down, listen deeply and share our unique truth with the world.’

– Phoenix (Lead Visionary & Teacher Trainer)

Embody Your Voice

Embody Your Voice

November 18th- December 21st

Claim Your Soul Song

Your voice sings the golden bell of your soul’s truth.
It is the natural outflow of all that you came to this life to share, to articulate, to describe and to celebrate.
It transmits the sacred power of manifestation and beauty.

Most of us, at some point in our lives, made a decision to shut our voices down in order to stay safe, “fit in”, “not bother”, “not stand out”, “not be bossy,” “be good,” etc… It is time to create a new story, a reclamation of your voice; where you give yourself full permission to unleash your truth and share your unique heartsong with the world.

Using your voice to pray, set intentions, cast your spells or manifest your dreams in a good, clear and powerful way, like anything else, requires practice to build your mastery and confidence. It is an art form available to all of us, yet for some of us, is a path of remembrance, that takes discipline to get out of your own way to share the gifts YOU are here to give. 

We will take a journey inwards to meet some of the blockages that get in the way of YOU sharing your voice in the world and embody your voice so you can unapologetically share your self with and for all of your relations.

Join Us for this “experiential” style workshop

 This is FOR YOU if:

You are ready to LISTEN TO YOURSELF

You are ready to LOVE and EMBRACE YOUR VOICE as it is. 

You are ready to OPEN YOUR BODY TO SPEAK. 

You are ready to be your own AUTHORITY.


You are ready to WORK with the FEAR of SPEAKING YOUR TRUTH. 

You are ready to SING your HEART SONG


Why Join Us

For these potent online sessions


Powerful somatic and vocal techniques to connect to your body, your breath, and your authentic voice.


Toning, non- linear vocalizing and singing medicine songs to connect you to the elements, your voice, your strength and your intentions..

Get Real

By diving into what is present and alive for you in the moment and work directly with it.

Create Time & Space

To lovingly meet and work with the blocks that keep you from sharing your voice and your truth in the world.


Your unique voice and attune the  intrument of creation and manifestation you have been given to support you in your life.


Deep, Raw and Authentic connection with yourself and other people who are on a similar jourey as you.

Bravely Face

Your personal blockages and outdated  programs and learn to unlock this energy to support you in moving forward in your life.

Set Powerful Intentions

For yourself, your community and our planet and further become a catalyst for change and regeneration in the world.

Challenge Yourself

To speak up, share your truth, sing your heart song and be witnessed by others.

Be Seen and Heard

In the full expression of your Truth and receive the reflection of like-minded people doing the same.

Embody Your Voice

Are you ready to transmit the sacred power of manifestation, truth and beauty as it rings forth from your unique voice?  


Live Online Sessions

We will meet every week for 2 hours in a “Zoom” conference room for 6 weeks.

Session Times

Thursdays @10-12 pm (Melbourne, Australia)/Wednesdays @7-9pm (USET)

To check your time zone for accuracy, please follow this link


Recordings will be made of each live session so even if you can’t attend live you can still participate.

1:1 Sessions

Each participant will receive two 1 hour 1:1 sessions as part of this journey. These sessions will be to hold you accountable to your intention for joining and to personally witness and support you to move deeper into the embodiment of your voice.

Private Meeting Group

Each participant will be added to a private “Signal” group where you will be invited to share of your journey with each other. Each week there will be vocal and video prompts that will invite and encourage you to share a song, a poem, an insight or your feelings on the particular topic or theme of the week.

Embody Your Voice


The luxury of your own living room


$555 AUD (Sliding Scale)
Payment plans and partial scholarships also available- just ask us..

Each week

we will work with a different element:


EARTH – Connecting our Roots to the ground. Opening the Voice to your Body. Allowing Primal Energy to flow throug the voice. 


FIRE- Connecting into our Physical Source of Power and Will. Feeling and Expressing your Boundaries. Opening the Voice to protect and hold safely that which is sacred. 


WATER – Connecting to the Heart and the Emotional Body. Opening the Voice to express your true feelings. Connecting the voice to your pleasure and sensuality. 


AIR – Expansion,  meeting and taming your inner critic, reframing outdated programs and though patterns, bringing  your embodied voice out into the world. 


ETHER –Inter-connectivity, One-ness, Embracing the Mystery, Opening the Voice to the etheric body, Becoming the Space for your song to move through. 


INTEGRATION – Soltice Ritual. What is your unique message that wants to be shared in the world? 

*Time and Date subject to your particular time zone. Please check to ensure you are in the right place at the right time. *

Embody Your Voice

what others have shared

Phoenix brings such a joy and wonder to these classes. I feel like we barely scratched the surface with the knowledge that she has to share.

I feel like that she really SAW me, and after decades of hiding and not being seen, I didn’t know that I needed that so much. If that was all that I took from the class, it would be worth it…but I received so much more!!

Thank you, Phoenix, for all that you do and all that you give!!!! You have made a difference in my life.

To anyone thinking about taking  any classes that Dancing Freedom and Phoenix offer, do it!!

You won’t come out the same person as you were going in, but you will never be sorry!!”

– Mariah (Wyoming, USA)

Embody Your Voice

About your facilitators

Phoenix Onesong Marolda

Embody Your Voice

Phoenix Onesong Marolda has devoted the past 18 years of her life to exploring what it means to use dance, authentic movement and ceremony for healing and transformation. In facilitating her own evolution and that of others she is assisting with the global shift that is happening at this time. With the tools she has gained throughout her life she empowers and reminds others to embrace their body’s movements and natural intelligence as a means of experiencing life to its fullest.

She has committed her life to co-creating spaces and opportunities for people to come together to put their pieces of the collective puzzle together. She utilises her passion for teaching, speaking her truth, embodiment, and communing with nature to play her part in weaving our collective visions into the web

that we are each a part of.

Her purpose is to inspire and empower others to share their gifts; to stop playing small and remember that we are all here to work together towards the “more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.” She is a lifelong student of life and a teacher who is sharing her vision for global synergy and collaboration.

Phoenix is the director and lead teacher trainer for Dancing Freedom International. She has a Masters degree in Education and Creative Arts in Learning. She has been a school teacher for over 15 years, working with children from the age of 3 to high school age. She founded Root to Rise: Rites of Passage journeys for young women to help them transition to adulthood in a conscious, supported, and embodied way.

She is also the founder of Synergy: Intentional Dance Experience which brings drug and alcohol free consciousness expanding events to those who wish to gather in this way. She has taught classes and workshops to thousands of people around the world, spanning across the USA, Australia, Central America and Bali.

Sarah Bey

Embodiment guide
Ritualistic sound tapestry creatrix

Embody Your Voice

Sarah is a weaver of ritual and ceremony, devoted to the sacred embodiment of elemental wisdom. Her devotion lies in the longing for reconnection; to earth, the stars & to source. She is a midwife of initiations, aligning you to your original elemental nature, acting as a living bridge between spirit and earth.

She weaves together her knowledge on esoteric wisdom traditions, indigenous ways of being in right relationship with the earth and spirit realms and years of study in interpersonal depth psychology. As a Dancing Freedom Facilitator, embodiment guide and sacred sound tapestry weaver she shares embodied alchemy tools as her primary medicine for transformation, inspiration, empowerment and awakening. Her work is woven with heart and enlivened by spirit.

Embody Your Voice

Sabina Malinalli

Integration Coach

Embody Your Voice

Sabina is a seed of consciousness, a cosmic dancer, walking the path of sacred transformation. She believes we were given a body to house our spirit and it’s through our dance that we can carve the pathway towards inner alchemy, bring balance to the collective consciousness, and contribute to planetary evolution.

Sabina aims to build bridges connecting ancestral wisdom with contemporary cosmovisions, opening paths that can heal our fragmented relationship with our psyche, the world beyond human vision, and with mother earth herself.

Her background in Pedagogy and Psyche-spiritual technologies allows her to weave educational frameworks with healing and 

transformational modalities to support others in their path of healing, self-discovery, understanding their soul´s true essence, and provide both emotional support and educational guidance to people who desire to explore the landscapes of consciousness and their soul’s blueprint.

If you have any questions?

Please contact Phoenix for more information: [email protected]



Amazing Grace is a guided Dancing Freedom journey through the elements. It is a somatic, ecstatic and shamanic dance practice that supports the re-emergence of embodied wholeness. We dance an elemental wave, tapping into the fundamental building blocks that we are made of: Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether, creating a safe space for your true self to experience full bodied expression.

In this movement practice, we dance in ceremony; we give ourselves permission to enter the mythic, to work with our intent and welcome our felt senses to weave a new reality for ourselves and all our relations.